Yosemite Trail Running Records

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Cathedral Range Traverse

On September 3, 1988 I [Mark Spencer] made a complete traverse of the Cathedral Range in 9:50:00 car to car (at the Cathedral Lakes Trailhead. I climbed (in order) SE Buttress (5.5) of Cathedral Peak (20 min.), North Face of Eichorn Pinnacle (5.4), all nine Echo Peaks (including the SW Face of Echo 9, 5.7), Echo Ridge, the North Ridge of Matthes Crest,(5.6), the NW corner (4th class) of the Cockscomb, Mt Althuski (peak 10.880+ / just south of Unicorn Peak, the name came from the peak register), South Ridge (4th class) Unicorn Peak. In all I counted 17 peaks in this traverse.

— Submitted by Mark Spencer.

I [Steve Edwards] did an abridged version of the Cathedral Range Traverse in a hair over 7 hours CTC. I thought it was only 9 peaks (that's what I'd heard) so I did, in order: Cockscomb, Something in Between Cockscomb and Matthes Crest (didn't know if it was a peak), North ridge of Matthes (scary, I thought), 7 Echo Peaks (I found these confusing and sort of silly, "hey, shit, there's another one"), Cathedral. Didn't do Eichorn because, well, now I had done more than 9 and wasn't really sure just what kind of "traverse" this whole thing was and figured I'd missed some stuff, so I just ran home…. Once when sitting in the general store parking lot without a partner thinking about some exercise. I looked at my watch and it was 5:30. I drove down to the Cathedral parking area. Ran up and down, and was back in the parking lot before 8:00. Since I wasn't thinking about records, just getting back before dark, all I know for sure is that it was around 2:15 CTC.

— Submitted by Steve Edwards.

Falls Trail (T in loop trail to winter closure gate, Yosemite Falls)

43:04 - Hari Mix, June 2005

47.58 - Bill Wright. June 2001 (rndtrip: 1:28:35, down 37 minutes)

48:12 - John Black. summer 94

48:30 - Michael O'Neil and Dan Urban, May 2006

50:07 - Russ McBride. July 9th, 2001

53:20 - Russ McBride. July 6th, 2001

55:26 - Hans Florine. July 9th, 2001(rndtrip: 1:34, down 33 minutes)

56:20 - Petra "108 lbs of muscle" Moser.

1:29:00 - Jacqueline Florine. June 2001

Four Mile trail (up)

1:09 - Bill Wright road to Glacier Point railing.

1:31:51 - Rebecca. October 99 (with medium pack)

Gunsight (asphalt to saddle)

28:30 - Hans Florine. October 99

Half Dome run ( Happy Isles to top AND back to Happy Isles)

2:38:21 - Hari Mix, June 10th 2005 (1:34:22 up, 1:03:59 down)

2:48 - Ryan Ghelfi (17 years old! 1:44:38 up, 1:03:56 down) details

2:49 - Buzz Burrell, Sept 23, 2004 (1:47 up, 1:02 down)

2:51:56 - Mark Spencer. June 19th 1982 ( 1:38:45 up, 1:13:11 down)

3:15:02 - Bill Wright. July 99 details

3:19:00 - Jeff Cowling. August 14, 2000 1:44 up (Upper Pines campground to summit); return in 1:35 (no water).

3:33:00 - Hans Florine. June 98

3:35:00 - Tod Mei. July 98 ( no water!)

3:50:00 - Warren Harding. 1950s ( no water!)

4:10:36 - Jeff List. August 29, 2002 (2:19:16 up,1:51:20 down, 14 at top)

4:23:00 - Scott Allen August, 1978

5:45:00 - Lou Lorber. September 99 (estimate, this was before doing Falls trail and Four mile trail,

6:00* - Gregory Greenhouse, 2005, *Tagging both Half Dome and Cloud's Rest before returning to the Valley.

9:20:00 - Steve Edwards. July 98 (no water till he cramped up and fell down in a locked up position, then ended up helping a woman out with a twisted ankle) details

Ostrander Lake (6.2 miles from Glacier Point road trail head.)

1:11:00 out, (1800 ft gain), 55:00 coming back, 2:13:00 roundtrip - Hans Florine. September 2000

Pohono Trail run ( Wawona tunnel to Dewey point)

1:10:00 - Hans Florine. August 99 ( with wrist weights and poles)

Sentinel Dome loop

40:00 - Bill Wright

Mt. Starr King, 9092 ft

Back in 1990, Ben Schiffren mentioned that he had climbed Mt. Starr King from
the Mono Meadows Trailhead in just under two hours. Since I was living in
Yosemite West at the time, and had scouted routes to Starr King for the Southern
Yosemite Rock Climbs book, I knew some brush free paths to the dome. On
October 1, 1990, I ran from Mono Meadows Trailhead, over the domes to the south
of Starr King and up the Southeast Face 5.5 in 1:40:03. I didn't think
to record the return trip, but did notice an entry from Ned Gilette listing a
2:30:00 ascent from Yosemite Valley!

— submitted by Mark Spencer.

Pine Line loop

From the trailhead to the Nose, up Pine Line, and back to the road

9:46 – Hans Florine, 4:42 to base , 35 to the tree, 1:43 on descent,(Lynn
Hill was filming the NBC today show and I had to stop for 15 seconds to say
"hello and gotta go"), 2:46 on return run.

10:16 - Hans Florine, 5:10 from pavement to base, 62 to tag tree, 80 seconds
to descend, 2:44 to return to pavement

10:21 - Bill Wright, 4:30 from pavement to base, 89 to tag tree, 87 seconds
to descend, 2:55 to return to pavement.

West Face of El Capitan approach hike

46:00 - Timmy O'Neill and Hans Florine. ( with packs)

California 14ers

For the 14ers linked in a push see here: Jack Russ Hans)

Middle Palisade

8:36 - Hans Florine. August 98 ( CTC, second day of all the 14ers in 10 days)

8:46 - Russ McBide. August 98 ( samd above)

10:30 - Jacki Adams. September 99 ( CTC)

11:08 - Peter Coward and Jacqueline Florine, July 2006 ( CTC, after doing nine other 14ers. see: http://jacquelineflorine.com/14ers )


1:39:26 - Robert Webb. 1985 ( from Horse Camp to summit)

12:57- Jay Anderson & Liz Schramm. Bunny flat to Bunny flat, Aug/?/2000(Av. Gulch)

Cirque Peak/Mt Langley Loop

8:? - Jay Anderson, August 2000(New Army pass approach old AP descent)

Mount Sill

9:17 - Jerry Dodril and Hans Florine. August 98 (CTC)

Split Mountain

4:19 - Russ McBride. August 98 (time is up only, 8th day of doing all the 14ers in 10 days)

5:19 - Tony Ralph and Hans Florine. August 98 (same as above but day 7)

White Mtn

3:48 - Hans Florine, September 2000.(CTC), (2:08 up, 1:32 down)

4:11 - Jack McBroom, August 2000. (CTC), (in the middle of his record ascent of all 14ers)

4:22 - Bob Banks, August 2002.(CTC), (2:16 up, 1:28 down)


2:15 - unknown CTC via the Mountaineers route.( Email ME! if you know who!)

4:00 - unknown CTC via the East Face.( Email ME! if you know who!)

5:00 - Jeff Cowling CTC, October 16, 2000 in 3:00 (Portal to summit); return in 2:00 (one 12 oz. bottle water).

8:36 - Willie Benegas, Nancy Feagin, Hans Florine, and Christian Santelices. July 93 (CTC)

9:20 - Jacki Adams. September 99 (CTC)

Russel, Whitney, Muir linkup

12:00 - Hans Florine. September 2000,(CTC)

Other stuff in California

Conness via the harding southwest face

Brian Ketron and Nathan Kerr, in summer 2001, in a CTC time of 7 hours.

Keeler Needle (Harding Route)

14 hours car to car - Brian Ketron and Jamie Anderson in the summer of 2000, 6am to 8pm.

17 hours car to car - Mike Friedreichs and Jay Anderson, 8/2/96

Sawtooth Traverse (north to south)

11:40 CTC onsight solo, Sean Leary (including some hideous off-approach bushwacking) 2000