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18:50 Eric George, Russ Metrovich, and Jared Ogden. October 99

Tis-sa-ack -

12:00 Sean Kriletich and Jake Whitaker. 2000?

The Direct Northwest Face -

8:20 Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra.98?

11:25 solo by Miles Smart. september 99

The Regular North West route -

1:53:25 Jim Herson and Hans Florine. October 99 details

5:25 Heidi Wertz and Vera Shulte-Pelcum.  June 2004

5:40 female/male Abby Watkins and Hans Florine. spring 97

2:50 Solo: Alex Honnold. summer 2008 (FREE Solo)

Snake dike car to car-

3:00 Dean Potter. Fall 98

Porcelain Wall-

13:39 Dave Weintraub and Joe Marley. Fall 2014

Second, third, and ... other times: heartbreak

"The Half Dome Run": Bill Wright 3:15:020-roundtrip time~ The time officially starts at the Half Dome Trail sign just on the other side of the bridge (now closed) near Happy Isles. From here to the summit it is 8.2 miles and 4900 vertical feet (5100 vertical feet roundtrip(Bill took 1:50:59 to reach the summit)).details

If you have ascents on Half Dome that you want to report send them to:

Beta on the Bivy around Yosemite