"Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok, a Hoser from Ontario, soloed Native Son in May of 99 in 12 days.  Right off the couch, took a solar powered shower and all the extra water to use it, a ghetto blaster and lots of tunes, a couple good books, and like some beer too, eh?  Not to mention tons of swell food.  Never started climbing before noon, took lots of photos, climbed at least one full pitch per day(!) Maybe the first Solo Shower Ascent of El Cap??  Probably the second Solo Crustacean Ascent, though. Pete also took Wee-Wee the Big Wall Crab and soloed Iron Hawk in the fall of 97 - I think he spent 16 days up there on that one! 

- Pete to the left ~ ~ Wee Wee to the right. -

Did you know?...... Although Hans Florine has climbed the Nose of El Cap 30 times, he and his partner Mike Lopez went off route on the second pitch when they were on the route the first time. They had a pin pop and that left the two of them and their haul bag all hanging on a # 3 rock, (wired nut). After over 8 hours of work they made it to Sickle Ledge and bailed to come back the following year for a 44 hour ascent. The second time on the Nose, Hans climbed the route in eight hours and five minutes with Steve Schneider.

The longest continuous ascent of El Capitan was the first ascent of Wings of Steel in 39 days by Richard Jensen and Mark Smith. The longest continuous solo ascent was by Richard Jensen on "Winds of Change" in 32 days? ~ A Swiss team supposedly went up on the Captain with the sole intention of setting a record, apparently around 56 days.

details of various ascents in the Valley.