If you have ascents on Leaning Tower that you want to report send them to :mailto: Yose@speedclimb.com                       Page updated: April 15, 2003

West Face

~1:16 Alex Honnold and Sean Leary.  September 2012

~1:59 Leo Houlding and Jason Pickles.  June 2001

~3:21 Andres Puhvel and Hans Florine. May 1996

~3:37 Nick Fowler. January 2002 Story

~4:50 solo - Ammon McNeely. September 2000 (onsight)

~5:56 solo- Hans Florine. August 1995 (onsight)

Wet Denim Daydream

~2:55 Dave Allfrey and Alex Honnold. September 2012

~5:06 Ben Vander Klooster and Ammon McNeely. April 2003(onsight)

~5:30 Chris McNamara and Jason "Singer" Smith. June 99

~7:30 solo approximate time...  Nick Fowler. May 2002

10:20?? Steve Schneider, Conrad Anker and Topher Gaylord. January 97

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