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2005 season, Yosemite notable ascents:

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2006 Season:

January Lincoln Else and Chris McNamara climb The Nose in seven hours and change.

2005 Season:

December Chris Mac and Hans Florine climb the Triple Direct in record time: 6:27

November Chris MacNamara climbs The Nose twice in a week, one time in 5:36

Tommy Climbs the route free in under 12 hours, then does it again AND free climbs Free Rider the same day

Hans climbs to Dolt with ALS person, Felix Slamovics.

Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell Free Climb The Nose route. Fastest time by a couple. Details

july 25th Heather Baer and Steve Schneider climb a  trifecta, south crack,  time on route: 39 minutes , CTC:   58 minutes
west crack, time on route:   78 minutes    CTC:   2:23     fairview, reg rt   time on route:  2:09  CTC: 3:29

July Alek Berg climbs Eagles Way in 23:51 solo!

July Hans Florine soloes the Nose in 11:41

July Ammon does first one day ascent Of ZM, 

July Ivo Ninov, Gabe and Ammon McNeeley do Virginia in 17:24

June Hari Mix ran the Falls Trail in a record 43:04, two days later he ran the Half Dome trail record in 2:38:21 rnd trp!



~~~~~2004 season below~~~~~~

September Ivo Ninov and Ammon McNeeley do Pressure Cooker in the first one day ascent, 23:41

August Chris McNamara and Ammon McNeeley first one day ascent of Never Never Land. done in 16 hrs flat, ( and 2 seconds)

August Brian McCray and Ammon do First One Day of Wall of Early Morning Light

August Brian McCray and Ammon do First One Day of Atlantic Ocean Wall 23:38

August Brian McCray and Ammon McNeeley climb Eagles Way in 9:08.

June to October Ammon and partners shred many "First One Days" on numerous Big Routes on El Cap.

June Thomas and Alex Huber climb the Zodiac in 1 hour and 51 minutes! Jaaa

May Cedar Wright and Ammon McNeeley climb Iron Hawk in 30:42

~~~~~2003 season below~~~~~~

October  Yuji Hirayama redpoints El Nino pretty fast.

May 29th Nick Fowler and Yuji Hirayama climb Lurking Fear in 3:04:54.

June or so, Huber Brothers climb Zodiac in 2 hours and 32 minutes! yowza.

April 12th  Ben Vander Klooster and Ammon McNeely climbed Wet Denim in 5:06:40 ONSIGHT, and did it Car to Car in 8 hours..

~~~~~2002 season below~~~~~~

November 2002, Nick Fowler and Ammon McNeely climb the Zodiac in 5:57.

Late October Nick Fowler solos Tangerine Trip in 15:53!  First time El  Cap soloed in a day Onsight?

Born Under a Bad Sign climbed by: Chris Van Luevan, Erik Waldo Walden, and Ammon McNeely. October 10th in 22 hours and 22 minutes.

September 30th Ammon McNeely and Brian McCray climbed the New Jersey Trunpike in 14 hours and 2 seconds.

September 29th Yuji Hirayama and Hans Florine climbed The Nose route in 2 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds.

September 23rd Yuji Hirayama and Hans Florine climbed The Nose route in 3 hours and 27 minutes.

September 14th Steve Gerberding and Hans Florine climbed the Dihedral Wall in 14 hours and 6 minutes. They did it hammerless and it was the 100th ascent of El Capitan for both of them.

Early September Dean Potter FREE CLIMBED the NWR route on Half Dome, then FREE CLIMBED "Free Rider" on El Capitan, - in the same 24 hours.

July 29th Cedar Wright and Ammon McNeely climbed the Tangerine Trip in 10:24.

June 26/27 Nick Fowler, Wayne Willoughby, and Hans Florine climbed Zenyatta Mondatta in 28 hours and 54 minutes.

Late June - Yuji Hirayama and Tamatso Suigino climbed the Nose in 9:36 and then 6:29 two days later.

June 17th - 21 2002 Jacqueline Florine soloed The Nose.

June 2002,Matt Wilder and Nick Martino Climbed the South Face of Washington Column in 1 hour and 19 minutes.

May 2002 Ammon McNeely and Alex Huber climbed Zodiac in 6 hours and 15 minutes. ( they jugged lines for the first pitch.)  

may 02-nick martino and matt wilder, triple direct 13 hrs 42 min.

may 02- nick and josh thompson, dihedral wall 3 days

may 02-nick martino and evan stevens, the nose 13 hrs 32 min.

may 02-nick martino and micah dash, the zodiac 13 hrs 10 min.

may 02-nick martino and matt wilder, the salathe wall 15 hr 46 min

june 02-nick martino and matt wilder, lurking fear 7 hrs 7 min.

~~~~~2001 season below~~~~~~

November 2nd, Timmy ONeill and Dean Potter climb The Nose in 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 4 seconds!

October 28th Jim Herson and Hans Florine climb The Nose in 3 hours, 57 minutes, and 27 seconds!

October 15th, Timmy ONeill and Dean Potter climb The Nose in 3 hours, 59 minutes, and 35 seconds!

September 21st, Tommy Caldwell and Hans Florine climb The Nose in 4:31:33 .

Fall 2001, On our "Tour of Spires" day "Platinum Rob" and I "Lucho Rivera" climbed Higher Cathedral Spire's Reg. Route in 1 hour with rappels then ran back down to car in 22 minutes.  Bobby Starke and "Lucho Rivera" climbed the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome in 12 hours onsight. Rob Starke and Luch climbed Higher Cathedral Rock's NEB in 3 hours

Micah Dash, Josh Thomson, and Lucho Rivera climbed Eagles Way in a 26 hour push in September 2001.  

On July 23rd Jacqueline Florine, Steve Schneider and Hans Florine climbed Mr Midwest in 7:40

On July 20th Heather Baer, Hans Florine, and Steve Schneider climbed the New Jersey Turn Pike in 16:09 .

Lunar Eclipse saw it's first one day ascent, a 19:58 time by Ammon McNeely, Jose Pererya, and Chongo. June 2001

In early June, Brian McCray and Jose Pereyra climbed Zenyata Mendata in 26 hours and 25 minutes.

June 12th, John Black and Andrew McMullin simuled the Arches in 44:20 (unroped for 3 pitches to pass parties) and CTC in 2:11 via ND Gully.

June 3rd, The Prow on Washington Column was climbed by Jason singer and Cedar Wright in 3:01 .

June 2nd, Southern Man on Washington Column was climbed by Jason Singer & Cedar Wright in   2:38

At the end of May The Nose route on El Cap was climbed by Jason Singer & Leo Houlding in 7:02 .

In late May Leo Houlding freed the West Face of the Leaning Tower (From the top of the first pitch bolt ladder), he went back and sent the thing in 1:59 !

May 27th, Andrew McMullin and Lawrence Kerver climbed Arches, Crest Jewel, Snake Dike, and the Moratorium in about 14 hours.

In May Jason Singer Smith ran Car to Car on the East Buttress of El Cap in 2:05 .

On March 30th, 2001 Steve Schneider and Hans Florine climbed Lurking Fear in 5:38 .

~~~~~2000 season below~~~~~~

On October 14th, 2000 Steve Schneider and Hans Florine climbed the Tangerine Trip in 13:24 .

On September 27th, 2000 Ammon McNeely soloed the West Face of The Leaning Tower in 4 hours and 50 minutes, onsight.

On September 23rd Chandlee Harrel and Greg Murphy climbed The Realm of the Flying Monkeys in 12:37 .

sometime this season Sean Leary and Jimmy Haden climbed the RNWF of Half Dome and The Nose of EC in a day. ( maybe the fastest time ever, 14 hours?)

In early August, 2000, Ammon McNeely soloed Eagles Way in 51:14

during the summer Sean Leary climbed: W ridge mt Conness, 3rd pillar mt dana, regular route on fairview, west crack, OZ to hobbit book, cathedral peak, free solo in a day

July 16th Chandlee Harrel and Hans Florine wrestled up the West Buttress in 13 hours and 42 minutes.

June 25th, Ammon "Almond" McNeely and Cedar Wright climbed Skull Queen in 2:59 .

June 24, 2000 : John Black and Bill Wright climbed the Royal Arches route in 57:40.

June 23, 2000 : Bill Wright and John Black climbed the East Buttress of ElCap and Snake Dike on Half Dome in 15 hours car to car. Possibly the first time both have been free climbed in a day.

June 20th Matt Bunz (son) and Lucy Bunz(mom) climbed the Royal Arches Route Car to Car in under 6 hours.

June 18th, Steve Edwards and Hans Florine climbed 36 pitches and ran/hiked 36 kilometers. Routes: Royal Arches, After Seve, East Butress of Middle Cathedral, and After Six. Trail : Phono Trail.

June 1st Hans Florine climbed Lurking Fear in 9:20 then rapped the West Chimney Gully and climbed the West Face in 8:16 !! both in under 21 hours.

May 28th Cedar Wright cruises the Royal Arches route, CAR TO CAR in 52 minutes and 26 seconds!!!

May 28th Eric Sloan and Andrew from NJ, climb the Zodiac in 9 hours and 46 minutes.

May 27th,Steve Schneider and Hans Florine run up The Nose in 5 hours and 46 minutes.

April 24th, Steve Schneider and Hans Florine zipped up Lurking Fear in 5 hours and 22 minutes.

Dean Potter Free soloed Astroman in April. How fast? I suppose he did it fast enough.

In March Cedar Wright and Dean Potter ran up the South Face of Washington's column in 1 hour and 59 minutes.

~~~~~99 season below~~~~~~

In mid December Jim Haden, Sean Leary, and Eric George climbed Kaos on El Capitan in 27:50.

November 6th Timmy ONeill and Hans Florine climbed the West Face of El Capitan in 1 hour 56 minutes 16 seconds.

Between Sept 28th and October 18th, (21 days), Russel Metrovich and Eric George climbed the record times on Shortest Straw 17:52, Lost in America 21:31, Jet Stream 18:50, Native Son 25:06, and Wyoming Sheep Ranch 29:31. ( third partner on each were: Brett Dodds, Leo Houlding, Jared Ogden, Sean Leary, and Sean.)

October 1st Jim Herson and Hans Florine climbed the Regular Northwest Face route on HalfDome in 1 hour 53 mins, and 25 seconds.  

late September Eric George, Russ Mitrovitch and "some dude named Brett" climbed the Shortest Straw in 17:52 . (The old record was 23:28). it was onsight for Russ and Eric's second time up the route.

Miles Smart Soloed the Direct Route on Half Dome, Onsight in 11 hours and 25 minutes. september 20th 99

Miles Smart and Tim O'Neill on Sept 14th, started the North American Wall, with no headlamps, @ 6:50 am and topped out 9hrs and 36 minutes later @ 4:26 pm .

Sept 12th, Jim Herson(lefty) and Hans Florine climbed the RNWF on Half Dome in 2 hours and 25 minutes.

September 10th Tim O'Neill and Miles Smart climbed Lurking Fear, onsight in 5:17. They started with no headlamps @ 12:40 pm and got to the top with enough time to hang out with Scott Burke at the Visor, clean up a bunch of trash at the top of the Zodiac and do a little trail work on the East Ledges Descent and still having enough light to make it to Manure Pile by darkness.

September 8th or so Stephanie Davis and Dean Potter climbed the RNWF on Half Dome in 5 hours and 57 minutes.

September 8th or so Miles Smart soloed Half Dome RNWF in 5:57.

September 1st Miles Smart soloed the Zodiac on El Capitan in 9 hours and 15 minutes

Early September? Dean Potter and Tim O'Neil sent the regular route on Half Dome in a record-setting 2:08.After hiking down, they both then free-soloed the Steck-Salathe, and then did about a 10-hour time on the Nose, completing their day in about 21 total hours.

On August 22nd Cedar Wright, Tim Oneil, and Miles Smart - climbed Eagles Way in 10 hours 40 minutes

Mid August Tim Oneil and Miles Smart climbed the Prow on Washington's column in 3 hours and 12 minutes.

On August 18th or so, Russ Metrovich soloed Zodiac in 12 hours

August 14th/15th, Tis-sa-ack - 31 hours Chandlee Harrel, Peter Coward, and Greg Murphy.

first week of August 99 Cedar Wright and Chris McNamara climbed The Shield on El Cap in 10 hours and 58 minutes!!

Peter Coward and Chandlee Harrel ran up Mr Midwest on El Cap in 13 hours and 39 minutes on July 31st, 99. ( Onsight, they may of been the second ascent, anyone know?)

Wednesday morning, July 28th,Hans Florine soloed Half Dome and El cap in 20 hours and 43 minutes.( bottom route one to top of route two.)  Hans climbed Half Dome in 3 hours 57 minutes and El Cap in 13 hours and 41 minutes. Hans Car to car time was 30 hours and 4 minutes.

July 26th, Monday, Dean Potter soloed El Cap and Half dome in 23 hours and change.( bottom route one to top of route two.) He climbed El cap in under 13 hours, and he climbed Half Dome in 5 hours 17 minutes - in that order. Guessing his car to car time was about 27 hours?

Mark Melvin, Steve Schneider, and Hans Florine climbed Sunkist on El Capitan in 19 hours and 24 minutes, July 23rd, 99 . ( car to car in 24:25)

Bill Wright ran the Vernal falls trail to the back side of Half Dome in 1 hour and 50 minutes, then ran down in 1:25 ! Round-trip - 3:15

Bill Wright and Hans send East Butress of Lower Cathedral in 2:58. July 99(3:58 car to car)

Jim Herson and Chandlee Harrel send the Salathe in 6:32! July 99( THE RECORD)

Peter Coward and Hans send The Realm of the Flying Monkeys in 9:59. July 99

Greg Murphy and Hans send the Salathe in 7:56. July 99

Jim Herson and Chandlee Harrel send the Salathe in 8:10. Then climb The Nose, all in under 27 hours! July 99

Hans soloed The Regular Route on Half Dome in 6 hours and 59 minutes. June 29th 99

Chris McNamara & Miles Smart climbed the Zodiac route in 7 hours and 4 minutes! March 21st.

Peter Coward and Hans Florine climbed Lower Cathedral Spire, (via S BY SW,5.11), Higher Cathedral Spire, (via Regular route), and Middle Cathedral, (via the East Buttress,5.10) in 9 hours and 33 minutes from car back to car.

~~~~~98 season below~~~~~~

Fall 98, Solo of the Royal Arches route 57 minutes! Car to car! Dean Potter

Solo of the Snake Dike route on Half Dome 3 hrs, Car to Car! Dean Potter

Direct on Half Dome 8:20 Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra

Zodiac 8:40 Russ Metrovich and Jose Pereyra

Mescalito on El Cap 23:28 ~ Dean Potter, Jose Pereyra, and Russ? September 1998

NW Regular route on Half Dome ~ 4:17 SOLO! by Dean Potter!

Bad Seed on El Cap ~ 19:12 Wayne Wiloughby, Brian McCray, and Hans Florine. September 1998. FIRST ONE DAY ASCENT OF EL CAPITAN by a handicap person, WW!

Lurking Fear on El Cap ~ 7:15 Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra. September 1998

NW Regular route on Half Dome ~ 2:54 ? Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra. September 1998

The Salathe ~ 8:49 Dean Potter and Jose?. September 1998 ~~ Old record: 8:53

The Salathe ~ 8:02 Steve Schneider and Hans Florine. September 1998

The Salathe ~ 7:33 Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra. September 1998

Surgeon General ~ Brian McCray soloed the route after 5?pitches up his partner bailed. believed to be the second ascent.

Eagles way: ~17 hrs? Roaxana Brock and Brian McCray August 1998 ~~ fastest couple, F/M

Aurora ~ 23:55 Miles Smart and Brian McCray. July 1998

Chris McNamara TRAVERSED the Girdle of El Capitain! his description is following, ( I don't quite get it, but it's an amazing effort, I think): "we did the route in one 12 hour push, one 2.5 day stretch w/bivy and one 16 hour push over 4.5 consecutive days"

Jimmy Haden and partner Sean "stanley" from Mammoth climbed Sentinel Twice in the July of 1998, IN A DAY. Via the Chounard Herbert and the Steck Salathe routes! The first time Sentinel has been done twice in a day, that I know of!

"Tod The Eater" ran up the back side of Half Dome round trip to Happy Isles bridge in 3 hrs and 37 minutes, WITH OUT WATER! Steve Edwards attempted this also, but his feeble body cramped up from the "h2o-less torture" and had to accept water from passer bys, then ended up helping an injured hiker out, which severly hampered his roundtrip time, but he remains a samaritan.J (Warren Harding did this "sans h2o" in the 60's in 3 hrs and 50 mins, that's what motivated Tod and Steve's torture adventure)

Send in any ascents and I'll post em! ~ , Example: "Fastest east coast team on the Nose", "First South Amercan Female team ascent of Half Dome", "Fastest yuppie ascent of the East Butress ", any footnotes like driving time from Santa Monica or Boulder or NY are good trivia.

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