F cubed (Form Follows Function)

Standardized Pinch set records:

For endurance pinch records click here:I   For power pinch records click here:I

Get a set for yourself or talk your gym into getting one. Great way to compare yourself with other climber's grip strength around the globe. To order a set of pinches send $55 to: Form Follows Function, 7254 Yosemite Parkway, Yosemite, CA 95389. add $15 for shipping outside the USA.

Includes all apparatus needed to use EXCEPT the weights and a carabiner.

send updated records to me via email: .

As with all activities that push your physical limits, PLEASE, warm up thoroughly beforehand to avoid tendon or tissue explosion. If any serious "opposition" to your record surfaces. Record will be removed until video proof is received, or large petition on your behalf gathered by someone OTHER THAN YOU submitted to me.

Nicki the current "under one year old" pinch champion.