This is the very basic Washington, Oregon, and North East Americas speed page. updated:  Wednesday, August 06, 2003

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Mt. Baring, standard route, 9/18/99, 4000 feet gain in 92 minutes in no-snow (slowest) condititons.  by Bryan Burdo

Dragontail, NF Gerber/Sink, Car to Car, 11 hours.  Hartshorn/Burns July 23rd 1978.

Mt. Index Traverse V, 5.8/5.9. 6 hours car to summit(from old parking lot), 5 hours from lake, by Bryan Burdo, 9/12/91.

The N. Face of North Peak was done quickly via the north rib variation (90 minutes).  I didn't bring rope, and downclimbed instead of rappel to middle peak (possible FFA).by Bryan Burdo

Prusik, South face Variation, III 5.10a,  12hours. Car to Car via Asguard Pass.  2 hours on Prusik.  12 hours R/T.  Dane  Burns & Darcy Droste Sept 3 1981.


Mt Rainier, 1970's?  John Roskelly - parking lot to summit, (9000ft), in under 3 hours.

Three climbing rangers, Craig Van Hoy, John Smolich, and Jason Edwards, have apparently established a number of records: Success Cleaver: 13 hrs Sunset Ridge: 14 hrs Nisqually Icefall 16 hrs Central Mowich Face: 19 hrs Liberty Ridge 21 hrs Ptarmigan Ridge 22 hrs all times car-to-car

The record for a speed ascent to Camp Muir from Paradise is 54 minutes, set in 1993, Scot Wanek, another climbing ranger.

According to Mike Gauther, in "Mt Rainer, A Climbing Guide" the Rainier speed record was set by a climbing ranger, Chad Kellogg, on Sept 1, 1998, from Paradise to summit and back, in 5 hours, 6 minutes. (p.14)


Complete North Ridge of Mt. Stuart, Guy Edwards (from Vancouver BC),
6:47, car to car. October 2001

The Tooth, South Face; Grade II. 87 minutes car to car.  Jens Klubberud, March 2002.(rode the Alpentall ski area chairlift up and then made the mile and a half traverse over to the  mountain.  After the climb, skied out to the car.)

The Torment-Forbidden traverse, climb #32 in the "Fifty Favorite Climbs" book, has a current record of 9:39, car to car, by Sean Courage and Mark Kroese, 7/8/01.