The Mizuno MP-58 irons make perfect sense

Since they not have the meaty feel of the MP-62 or even the buttery soft contact from the [url=]Mizuno MP 58 irons[/url],

the 58's are so close it is not funny. Yes, almost always there is gonna be a positive change having a cavity versus a blade but that is reduced with a level that even the blade

snobs will need to at the very least buying a. The visible difference is the place these feel on mishits. Heel, toe and thins are dealt with far far better than all these clubs

and while you're never going to get that 'my-god-what-was-that' on a pure flush you happen to be flattered a lot more when you hit it less than perfect. One of many differences

with build of the wedge could be that the blade is a lot thicker than usual. It is a positive change on the feel as it makes all the strike a lot more solid without losing that

trademark soft feel.

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