Although I'm "well known" for climbing, I fancy myself a trail runner, equipment/clothing designer, film editor, film producer, and I've worn a few other hats, including production manager for a large company doing mostly Material Requirements Planning, and other big word stuff.

Imagine running four hours into wilderness areas in the Sierras, Himalayas, or Patagonia, - and seeing mountain ridges that most people have to hike two days to get to. Yep!  LIGHT AND FAST,  a cool way to experience the wilderness areas of the world.

I've altered nearly every  pack or rugged clothing item I've used on a repeated basis. I've made many clothing items from scratch as well and tinkered with hardware improvements. F cubed is my moto - Form Follows Function,  and is also my label I put on cloths or altered items.

I've appeared in, rigged for, shot, edited, produced, and directed - a few filming projects. This is usually very hard work and darn fun and creative, therefore rewarding.

"Other Hats" includes too many things to list.

Email me with ideas or ask me for some.