"Knowledge of how to ... and what to do to improve your life is not enough!!, You must find: people, ideas, and things that inspire and motivate you to activate/practice the very things you know will improve your life." - Hans

JACK LaLanne! ~ At the age of 70, he towed 70 friends sitting in 70 different boats across Long Beach Harbor near Los Angeles, despite heavy winds. Jack, it should be noted, might be five-foot-six if he stretched. He explained that he trained for the push-up feat with endless reps using 140-pound dumbbells and by climbing a 25-foot rope three times in a row with 140 pounds of extra weight strapped to his belt.

Runner without limits! - Steve Prefontaine - get inspired!

Ray Jardine, just read his life history. very cool!

Wilma Rudolph born with polio, wore leg braces from age 5 to 11, suffered numerous sessions of pneumonia and a run in with Scarlet fever.  She went on to win THREE GOLD MEDALS in one Olympics! link2, link3

Steve Edwards, AND all his followers, BIRTHDAYS bring on Psychosis!

Russ McBride climbed: 14 pitches of 5.12 on the redpoint -two different routes at Jail House Rock, then drove to Sacramento, swam 5 miles in an Olympic pool, then ran the Sacramento marathon (26.2?? miles), then he biked 112 miles, all of which he accomplished inside of 32 hours! - Russ called it "Titanium Man".  Russ did 10,000 pull ups and 10,000 reps of four other exercises in 108 days!  Russ does stuff in the mtns.

military inspiration: http://www.pbs.org/weta/americanvalor/  

Eileen Rowing from Catalina to Marina Del Rey!

Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr Michael Stroud ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 6 continents!  

Bruce Lee although weighing only 130 lbs could kick a 300 lb punching bag into the ceiling.

Yuji Hirayama WON! the 1998 World Cup tour. Shown here with his wife- Shie and child - Yuta - one year old.

Tony Yaniro did 1000 pull ups in a day. I think in sets of 50 !!!

See a few words about Walter Stack, inspiring senior citizen!

81 year old Girard Bloch climbed El Capitan in May of 1999. Beating the previous "oldest ascent record" by a 68 year old.(set by Girard 13 years ago!)

Cedar Wright ran to the base of the Royal Arches route from his car in the Awhanee parking lot, soloed the route, ran down the North Dome gully, and back to his car in 53 minutes!

Ethan Pringle, 12 years old & 82 lbs., redpointed "Alcatraz," (5.13c) at Jailhouse, California, on December 19, 1997?.  This was on his 5th try, and his first try of the day. 

Steve (Shipoopi) Schneider climbed a crazy 3000 foot wall on the longest wall of the Middle tower of Piane in Torres del Paine Park, Chile, SOLO! He was on the wall 8 days by himself. There was A4, 5.11, and mixed ice climbing along the way. His ropes would freeze up some nights not allowing use of them, at the last camp where there was available snow he had to boil snow and ice to get water enough for the days ahead on the blank wall, each night it was just him and the portaledge.. Winter 99.

Phil Requist can hang 70 lbs off the first joint of his middle or ring finger for 15 seconds approximately. (Stay tuned for more... he's dropping the time and increasing the weight.) Do not try this without building up to it.

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"The knowledge is out there on how to improve your life, that knowledge is relatively easy to come by. The truly hard thing is having the inspiration, discipline, and motivation to actuate the knowledge." - me again.

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