Hubers checking  out my beta on CD!
Hubers get Hans CD program
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(L to R) Alexander, Hans, Thomas, June 25th on Top of El Capitan. Note that all though Alexander's left cheek is bulging, it is Thomas's right cheek that is badly bruised from the fall. (not shown)
Hubers & Hans
Free samples of the Super Beta on climbing The Nose route. See sample JPG Images, "MEGA annotated" SuperTopo PDFs, and a video from the CD set
Marianna, Hans, and Pierce give beta to Thomas
hans gives beta
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hans's Helmet on June 16th.
Above Hans's helmet on June 16th, meant for the Huber's to see as they sped by.( but they never looked down)

hubers on dolt tower
Hans's report:
- June 26th, I topped out on The Nose with Tico and Wayne after a 22 hour push. The Hubers and their team were on top. They were in good spirits, filming the last few days before heading back to Germany. We shared some soup, chunks of ham, and Nutella. They concurred that before Thomas's fall on the 16th that they were indeed going at a pace that would have given them the record time. Seems that their visit in the fall will get them in the record books. Can't wait to see em bust it...
 - June 22nd,  I hear that Thomas's butt is swollen and it hurts to be in a harness for any length of time.  THE RECORD ATTEMPT IS POSTPONED UNTIL THE FALL. they will continue to rappel in and shoot for the filming one more week.
-June 16th,  I climbed The Nose with my friend Peter Darmi. The Hubers passed us as we were at the top of sickle ledge. It took the Hubers about 15 mintues to get to Sickle and about 48 minutes to get to dolt tower,- as best I could estimate since they went out of sight. by my calculations they were on pace for a 2:39 time. We found out later that Thomas took a whipper just below Camp 5 and bruised his bum. looks like four days of rest before they go again. I'll post some video and images of them passing us at Sickle, ( later today.)
- June 15th, I went to the base of El Cap to cheer on the Hubers with my daughter, son, and friend Peter. they ended up not going for it, as Alex had a knot in his shoulder/traps.
- June 13 eve, I went to have a beer with the Hubers and give them some beta. They've got some good tricks that I didn't use. I gave them some Yates Rockers to try out, and ideas for the final bolt ladder. their own beta is pretty good over all. stay tuned for the video feed of our meeting.
-June 13th aftternoon, Huber's stop in front of Hans Florine house to say hi and notice me and my kids training to break their record. ( secret pine needle raking  training.) Current plan is for Huber's to attempt again at 8am on June 15th.
-June 12th, Huber's climb The Nose in 3:14 but slow down near top.
-June 9th, Huber's climb The Nose in about 3:50
-June 6th, Huber's seen getting to Dolt tower in an hour, from the ground.

These pics taken on June 6th.
hubers pass Hans
Above Thomas just out of Sickle, passing Hans, looking at the stove legs with anticipation.

huber meadow drew
Above the support crew takes a chill in the meadow.
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June 2nd