Hans' top six!:

Who cares? - You must since you're reading this.

Updated Wednesday, January 17, 2001 02:13

bolted climbs under 5.12 that are really good, (no order)

5.8 Shadow, Shadow wall, San Luis Obispo

5.10 Solid Gold, Astro Domes, Joshua Tree

5.7 Black Tide, Echo Rock Area, Joshua Tree

5.10 Eebee Jeebees, Echo Rock Area, Joshua Tree

5.11 + Green Dragon, Glacier Point apron, Yosemite

5.11+ Shippoopi, Meldicot Dome, Toulomne

favorite free multi pitch routes in Yosemite (no order)

5.10 East Buttress of Middle Cathedral

5.9 Nutcracker, Manure Pile

5.11+ Beggars Butress, Lower Cathedral

5.11 Chournard/Herbert, Sentinel

5.11 West Face, Rostrum

5.10+ Sons of Yesterday, Royal Arches

Favorite Ice Cream flavors:

-Capachino Crunch



-Peanut Butter Swirl

-Esspresso Chip

-Cookies and Cream

Favorite Power Bar flavors in order of best first:


-Oatmeal Raisin

-Peanut Butter




Favorite "NON climbing activities":


-Skate Skiing

-Power Hiking (just to get to the top, "goal stuff" ya know.)

-Sculling (open water rowing)

-Swimming (Ha! I'm bad at it, great for cross training though)

-Biking (I do way less of this than I'd like, road or mountain biking - both good) might get back into fooling around on a trick BMX bike.

Most days I've spent on sport routes:

-25 +, Hebe ( still haven't got it. lost count over the past 6 years!)

- 10, Body Guard from Bejing

-9, J'airai Crache sur La Tombe

- 8, Surf Safari ( well I spent 5 or 6 days on a model of it too, that I built at the gym.)

- 6, Better Than Life

- 4, Natural Selection

Favorite climbers:

- Hans Florine, (if I weren't first on my list I'd have to change what I'm doing, no?)

-Wolfgang Gullich, (I had the pleasure of staying at his home in the Frankenjura, he was pushing the limits/standards and didn't stop there, he kept going)

- Steve Schneider, (well if I didn't put him on here he'd have my head!)

- Yuji Hirayama, (who else has done so much in competitions AND "pressure outside feats"?)

- Lynn Hill, (Ditto above, and of course is making a great living at doing what she/we love-That goes for all the above.)

ah one more to go.

Ohhh, stay tuned.....

Favorite "supplements" excluding Power bars.

- Up Time

- Revenge ( by Champion Nutrition )

- JSF Joint support formula from Champion Nutrition.

- Met Endurance from CN.

- Pro Score from CN

- Up Time Herbal.

Favorite US climbing gyms:

- Mission Cliffs (San Francisco)

- Rocks n Ropes (Tucson)

- Rocknasium (Davis)

- The Castle(Santa Barbara)

- Urban Krag (Dayton, Ohio)

- City Rock ( Berkeley)

Most notable things from my recent South Africa trip:(8)

-They replace "really" with the phrase "is it?"

-They always part with "cheers ehh"

-They like their meat barbecues which they call a Braii. (pronouced Bry)

-I didn't see ANY snakes there despite numerous warnings.

-They drive on the wrong side of the road, and can't turn right after stopping.( or left)

-They've got a ton of bolts to put in and a ton of places to put them.

-Everything we would call an epic, they would call a "mission".

-if something was a pain in the ass, they called it a "curse".

Inspirational people - non climbers:

- Jack Lalane

- Bruce Lee

- Richard P.Feynman

- Arnold Swarznegger

- Ayn Rand

- Jessie Owens

Pizza toppings: (assume cheese already on it!)

-Pesto ( with potato)

-Ham (not with pesto)

-Sun dried tomato


-Pineapple (with ham)

-Barbecued Chicken


-Enter the Dragon

-Cool Hand Luke

-Vision Quest

-The Matrix

-Body Guard From Bejing

-Abscence of Malice

-Road Warrior

-Total Recall

-True Lies

-The Zero Effect

-Die Hard

-Icarus Descends

-Super Cop (and II)

-Hard Boiled

-American Flyer

Odd difference in Australia:

-you can find pumpkin soup served everywhere all year round.

-"how ya going" instead of "doing"

-"What do ya recon" (prounouce "Wreck in") same as "think"

-"Half a tic" - means just a second, I think.

-People eat this stuff called "full cream" a gross between ice cream, whip cream ,and half and half.

-A "texter" is a magic marker.

-A "spanner" is a wrench.

- A beer can be ordered in various sizes and it is different from region to region which size is which. some I learned: Scooner, Pot, Pint, Middy, and Glass

- for good turnout you should have slide shows at pubs.

Fun ways to use/spend MONEY!:

-Pay Hans to take you climbing, duh.

-Buy a RIO MP3 player- motivate your activities!

-Go to a Thrift store and buy a single item that cost more than $50, no beds or furniture.( how many people have done that?)

-Buy something in the supermarket that you think no one else ever buys.

-Tip a waitress or waiter more than what the meal cost.

-Buy something off a homeless person's shopping cart.

-Pay more than the retail value of an item at an Access Fund Auction!

Distractions to check out on the drive up 120 into Yosemite:

-stop in at the Thrift store in Groveland.

-go to "Po Folks" in Oakdale. (one block right at the stop light where you turn left, it'll be on your left, 9 to 5 only)(trust me)

-see how cheese is made at the west end of Oakdale.

-stop at Baskin Robbins in Oakdale.

-stop at any "help yourself fruitstand".

-cool manican statues always changing in front yard on your right after the lumber mill, before Chinese camp.

Hot Sauces!:

-Franks Red Hot

-Bufalo chipolte

-Batch #37

-Uncle Steve's

-Ashanti, Louisiana hot sauce.


Favorite coffees ( in order):

-Beacon gas station in Oakdale with three containers of Irish cream.

-Hazelnut from the place next to the Iron Door salon in Groveland.

-Tasterschoice instant at home with liquer and other frufty stuff.


-Texaco, ( they have a star!)


Sports cars:

-AC Cobra.

-64 to 68 Mustang GT 350?

-70 Mercedes 450 SL?

-85 BMW 350 I

-62/63 Vette

-71 Lincoln Continental Mark III, ( with dice)


Why not top ten? - been done.