Course setting!


Hans has course set with: Steve Schneider, Mike Pont, Tony Yaniro, Christian Griffith, Robyn Erbesfield, and Scott Franklin. I've set with a few other people too.

Hans has set routes at four ASCF nationals and checked routes at four others. Hans has also set for numerous local and regional events and helped set for the 1994 Junior Nationals. Hans was the head coursesetter for the Mexico National in 1996. Most recently assisted in setting routes for the Touchstone International Junior Invitational - 6 countries, 5 age categories.

Hans has attended OVER one hundred and twenty competitions!

I'm an ASCF Nationally certified Course setter or ALF approved, also I'm an ASCF National Judge and my organizing of 5 nationals and 4 regionals gives me skill to organize course setting logistics etc.

Rates for course setting are highly variable depending on location and level of event. Email me with an inquiry: .

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