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Hans has taught over 100 clinics from California to New York,  Mexico, Australia, and South Africa, (even one in Malaysia ), on how to improve your climbing. He can teach every aspect from trad pro placement tips to competition training, he can adjust a clinic to emphasize onsight climbing, competition climbing, trad climbing, speed climbing, course setting, etc. With over 140 competition experiences and 22 years of outside climbing logged, he will no doubt have some knowledge to hand down to climbers of ALL abilities.

Gym clinics will have no more than ten to one student/Hans ratio, (without assistant).  One-on-one training/technique classes available when schedule and location allow.  Hans is often in the SF Bay Area.

Outside sport climbing or traditional clinics limit four to one student/Hans ratio. 

Email Hans to find out availability or request he come to your area. Cost: $700 +- for gym clinics, and $300/person for outside clinics.  *** depending on number of clinics and location. References gladly given. For inquires click here: HANS!

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"...Thanks for coming.  It was   great meeting you and learning from a master.  Everyone really enjoyed the clinic, and I know I learned tons of stuff to keep in mind when I'm climbing and training.  You helped remind me about the mental aspects in climbing that drew me to the sport in the first place and definitely renewed my interest in climbing.  Thank you for that. "  Brandi Ball GM Upper Limits Rock gym.

"Hans, We're the ones that owe you lots of thanks! It's been a long time since we had a professional climber come to Madison, and you definitely provided a much needed spark/buzz about climbing and Boulders. I'm amazed at how one person can have such an impact on a community. Since your departure a few days ago, I've received numerous calls from people wanting to get into climbing..." Sean GM Boulders Climbing Gym.

"Since you left the students who attended your clinic have raved about the session. They learned a lot from the specific tips you gave. Sewanee students were stoked to attend the climbing clinic and found the specific climbing drills and training tips to be extremely valuable. We are all looking forward to seeing our climbing improve. Hans personal climbing accounts were a great motivating force which makes us all want to climb better...and faster." John Benson Director of Outdoor Programs, University of the South.

"As a gym owner and instructor, I learned a lot of new training and teaching techniques that I can easily incorporate into my own clinics and lessons".  Scott Isgitt,  Austin Rock Gyms

"..Overall, I thought the clinic was a 10 out of 10 - excellent! .... The personalized attention that we were given by keeping the class so small. That you exuded a real desire to share your knowledge about climbing. It was clear that you really wanted each of us to leave with something new to think about regarding our climbing. Your enthusiasm was contagious..."  CallieRennison St Louis MO

"We've had Hans back here twice to teach clinics.  Doesn't that say enough?"  Jason Mullins, Rocks and Ropes Gym Tucson.

"Hans put more effort into just the setting up of the gym for the clinic then most climbers put into a clinic.  This is to say nothing for the incredible attention he gives to each participant. Get Hans to your gym!"  Jay, Inside Moves Gym  Grand Rapids

"Hans went out of his way to make the clinic low impact on the gym.  Everyone who took the clinic go something out of it.....  We'll invite them back!"  Matt Philidephia Rock Gym

Climbers from 5.7 to 5.13 will learn somethin at Hans's clinic.  Hans is obsessive about everyone coming out of the clinic a better climber.  Hans is as good a teacher as he is a competitor.  Hans's experience of climbing and training combine to make a wealth of information."  Bob Bergman,  Joe Rock Heads Gym Toronto.