speed book pic SECOND EDITION IS OUT as of NOV 2004!

New Title "Speed Climbing". (duh)

Only a few left of the first edition, get em while you can...

  you'll need to search for 2nd edition after clicking on this Amazon link. Praise/quotes about my book below.

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Hans Florine has been involved in the production, and/or other aspects, of the following videos:

Hans's Big Day. Version 2000 running time 15 minutes.   more on this here.  $19.95

The Pacific Ceiling Tour. Running time 65 minutes.  more on this here.  $29.95

Team Free The Nose. Tori Allen, Beth Rodden, Scott Cory, and Hans Florine climb the best route in the world. Not available until late Summer 2005 Trailer here: "Wall Rats" (26 mbs)  $29.95

Scott Cory here.       Tori Allen here.

All the above you'll need to contact me to purchase.

HOW TO SPEED CLIMB  DVD and video coming out late 2005, maybe!   (not taking orders until we finish it, email to inquire about our progress)  IN THE MEANTIME I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting "MOVING FASTER"

"Inspiring and joyful!  Makes you want to travel light, go fast, and be a better player on the team." - Tom Frost

Praise for our book:

"Inspiring and joyful!  Makes you want to travel light, go fast, and be a better player on the team." - Tom Frost

"There are literally  dozens of climbing books out there, usually just regurgitating the same old nonsense. Your book is different: new techniques are exposed  that were previously known in a small circle, the exposition is extremely lively, and reading the book feels like a speed climb in  itself. I feel inspired to go out and climb a long route in light and fast style."

"I don't usually recommend books to friends, but I will be recommending  this one to all my climbing buddies here. Excellent job, and thanks again."

"This book is not just for a few, highly skilled climbers who have elevated the sport to a high art.  This is for those of us who want to get down without bivvying, beat a thunderstorm, or get in a raft of pitches in the few pathetic hours we have available. It is a trove of practical information-detailed yet accessible, sprightly and humorous..." - Alison Osius

".. You've, (Hans), put your homework in, we use your book as the definitive reference on speed climbing."  Mr P  at The Climbing Place.

"...Finally picked up a copy of your book.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.  It is a good contribution to the climbing community...." Winston Warme