I am selling the below prints* while they last. Net proceeds go to YCA and The Access Fund.

Only 150 numbered prints have been made.
50 p
numbered printsTouchstone Climbing underwrote the printing costs.
touchstone climbing
the poster
We had many people from the Saturday 50th Celebration sign the 50th of 150 prints. We gave this print to Ken Yager as a THANK YOU for putting the event together. Ken effectively founded and runs the YCA.
cposter for Ken
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an enlarged shot of the signatures and poster.
Purchase the print(limit three)- click on picture** to see larger file.
BUY IT NOW! (limit three)
-Purchase the print. ( Limit three)
You Climb The Nose. Hans's program. If you would like Hans to sign your print, let him know in the notes section of the purchase invoice. Or email him with details. cliche BUT TRUE, "THESE ARE GOING TO GO FAST."
8/30/2010 UPDATE, -18 remaining. (I have raised the price to $100 now that only 25 or less are remaining).(you might still get lucky as I haven't updated the paypal $ amount)

*These are NOT posters. They are photographic prints on archival quality photo paper. ( if you had your own huge digital photo file you could get one of these made for $150, see: http://www.printpromotion.com/products/digitalcprint )

** The picture used in this print was taken by Paul Hara on October 12th 2008 when Yuji and Hans climbed The Nose in 2:37:05.

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Name as many people as you can in the picture below. 
el cap crowd shot
Email me a list of names and how to identify them, or print out the picture and mark it up.  Hans at speedclimb dot com  -
 It would be fun to get all the names.