Twenty Classics in Twenty Days By:

Hans Florine

Nancy Feagin

Christian Santelices

Willie Benegas

Day one:(July 17th,Saturday) (two teams of two climbed days 1,2,4,5 same routes, different order, abbreviated HNCW)

1HN-Northwest Face, Half Dome (Hans and Nancy start hike 3:45am, base 5am, time on the route/rock 6 hrs 50 mins) car to car time- 10 hrs 54 mins 3000 ft

2HN-Middle Cathedral Rock, East Buttress (start 4pm, on rock 2 hrs 20 mins) car to car- 4 hrs 7 min 1670 ft

1CW-The Nose, El Capitain (Christian and Willie start 2am, on rock 19 hrs) car to car -22hrs 3400 ft

Day two:

3HN-Steck-Salathe Route, Sentinel Rock (start 7:30am, on rock 6 hrs 2 mins) car to car- 9 hrs 42 mins 3020 ft

2CW-Middle Cathedral Rock, East Buttress (start 1pm, on rock 2hrs) car to car time -3hrs 50 min

Day three:

4HN3CW-Royal Arches (start at car 8:15am, on rock 1 hr 50 mins, hike to Yosemite point)

5HN4CW-Lost Arrow Spire ( start rim 1 pm, valley floor 5pm) car to car -8 hrs 42 mins day total 3990 ft

Day four:

Hans and Nancy rest

Christian and Willie 5CW-Half Dome (start 5:30am, on rock 9hrs, two hours assisted another party) car to car -14hrs 30 mins

Day five:(July 21st)

6HN-The Nose Route, El Cap (start car 4:30am, on rock 9 hrs 52 mins, car 4:30pm) car to car 11 hrs 54 mins 3400 ft

6CW-Steck-Salathe (start 7am, on rock 7 hrs) car to car 12 hrs

Day six:

7-North Face, Fairview Dome (start drive 8am, on rock 1 hr 37 mins) car to car -2 hrs 54 mins 1630 ft

8-Traveler Buttress, Lover's Leap (on rock 1 hr 30 mins, drive to Mammoth lakes 7:45pm) car to car 2 hrs 32 mins 1010 ft

Day seven:

9-Clyde Minaret, South Face (start 6:40am, on rock 2 hrs 50 mins) car to car -10hrs 35 mins 4700 ft

Day eight:

Rest at Mammoth Lakes, move all team members into one vehicle - the van.

Day nine:(July 25th, Sunday)

10-Mount Whitney, East Face (start 5:22am, on rock 2 hrs 8 mins) car to car -8 hrs 31 mins 6000 ft (hot drive through Death Valley, Las Vegas, and on to Moab)

Day ten:

11-Castleton Tower, Kor-Ingalls route (start 7am, on rock 2 hrs) car to car -4 hrs 50 mins 2000 ft

Day eleven:

12-Crestone Needle, Ellingwood ledges (start 6am, on rock 2 hrs) car to car -7 hrs 4500 ft

Day twelve:

13-Hallett Peak, NorthCutt-Carter Route (start 6:48am, on rock 1 hr 49 mins, hike to Petit Grepon)

14-Petit Grepon, South Face (hike, on rock 55 mins, 2 hr descent) car to car -12 hrs 16 mins day total 4900 ft

Day thirteen:

Rest in Boulder, develop film, clean out van, drive to RMNP

Day fourteen:(July 30th, Friday)

15-Longs Peak, The Diamond, D1 (start 6am, on rock 8 hrs 20 mins) car to car -14 hrs 31 mins 4450 ft

Day fifteen;

16-Devil's Tower, Durrance route (start 6:40am, on rock 1 hr 8 mins) car to car -2 hrs 49 mins 910 ft

Day sixteen:(August 1st, Sunday)

17-Mount Moran, Direct South Buttress (start 5am, 2 hrs 30 mins round-trip canoe, on rock 3 hrs 19 mins) car to car -9 hrs 53 mins 3020 ft

Day seventeen:

18- Direct Exum Ridge, Grand Teton (start 5:30am, on rock 3 hrs 3 mins) car to car -10 hrs 34 mins 6760 ft

Day eighteen:

Rest, drive to Wind Rivers, Hike to Lonesome Lake (4 hrs 20 mins)

Day nineteen:

19-Pingora, Northeast Face (start 6 am, on rock 2 hrs 18 mins)

20-Wolf's Head, East Ridge (hiking rappelling, etc.. 3 hrs 25 mins, on route 1 hr 31 mins) day total 5120 ft

Day Twenty:(August 5th, Thursday)

Party, Champagne Breakfast, Hike out ( 3 hrs 10 mins)

We ascended 60,080 ft, traveled 137 miles on foot, canoed 2 1/2 hrs, drove 69 hrs, and climbed 241 pitches.